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Buying the right tyres for your van is really important.

In particular buying the right specification for your van – don’t leave it to chance – speak to the experts. We stock a complete range of van tyre options and we are always available to give specialist advice.

Specialist Tyre Service for Van

Apart from being one of the foremost independent tyre shops in the South, we are the industry leaders in wheel alignment, steering geometry and chassis dynamics.

We offer a first class tyre service, for tyre fitting, wheel alignment, steering geometry, brakes, exhausts, wheels, alloy wheel repair and suspension.

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Is there a difference between van and car tyres?

We are often asked ‘ Can car tyres be used on a van?‘

Whilst appearing similar to tyres you might find available for cars, van tyres are not the same as car tyres. Van tyres are designed to cope with the heavier loads, they generally run at higher pressures, and are overall generally tougher than car tyres.

Vans should be fitted with the correct rated tyres for the model and intended use.

Fitting the correct tyres that match your vehicle and how it will be used means you’ll be safer and your van will have optimum performance.

A wide range of van tyres

Van tyres have a tough life, they carry heavy loads in all types of road conditions and are constantly on the move, We understand that if you are a small business owner your van is your livelihood, you can’t afford to have breakdowns or failures. This is why buying the correct tyre is one of the most important factors when your next set of tyres.

We regularly stock a comprehensive range of van tyres both for popular models and some of the more specialist type from premium brands as well as more affordable mid-range options.

Minimise the time off the road by booking an appointment at our tyre centre. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule with early opening times and Saturday opening. Mon-Fri : 08:30 – 18:00 & Sat : 08:30 – 15.30

Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest tyre service equipment and multiple bays. WE are quick and efficient. We’ll turn your vehicle around quickly while you have a coffee and catch up on emails in our comfy waiting room, or drop it off while you get on with something else.

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Wheel Alignment for minimise tyre wear/maximise fuel economy

While your van is in the shop, why not take advantage of our state-of-the-art, sophisticated geometry and wheel alignment service. Wheel alignment can affect the handling and safety of your car and lead to excessive or uneven tyre wear. Wheel alignment can be upset by hitting a kerb, or hitting a pothole at speed. Alignment can also be affected by wear on steering or suspension components.

Free wheel alignment check

Additional services – Mapping/Suspension/Brakes/Wheels

Pimp your van.

Talk to use about additional services for vans such as the awesome, top of the range of alloy wheels or improve engine performance with an engine tuning systems

Take a Look at Our Range of Upgrade Packages

We also offer Performance Exhausts, Brakes, Suspension & Racing Wheels.

Enhance the performance of your car, van, motorhome or tractor! Make it faster, handle better, improve your stopping power and braking efficiency, more economical or more stylish.

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