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OZ Racing Wheels

Discover the range of OZ Racing and MSW alloy wheels made in Italy. Out of the partnership between two famous brands like OZ and SPARCO springs a new collection of automotive wheels. Italian design, high-quality materials, OEM construction technologies, for an exclusive series of wheels with a strong penchant for racing. Seriously impressive Italian styled alloys to improve performance and really make your car stand out from the crowd – it can only be OZ Racing Wheels.

OZ Racing alloy wheels are the perfect fusion between performance, construction quality and design. Safety, entertainment and calmness while driving start from here. All our alloy wheels are conceived, hand-built and tested in Italy. Picture yourself while driving. It’s just you, the familiar sound of the engine and the road twisting and turning in front of you. It’s a total moment, where space and time blend with speed. It’s a special instant just for you and your car.

Top quality and design from one of the leading racing wheel manufacturers. OZ wheel can be seen on performance cars around the world. Whether it’s for the track or to enhance the appearance on handling of a special vehicle, OZ wheels set the standard for design, quality and performance. These wheels are a class above other brands and will definitely make your car or van stand out in the crowd.

OZ Atelier Forged Wheels

The unique experience of a forged wheel designed just for you. Atelier Forged offers a “tailor-made” wheel configuration for those who want to stand out from the crowd and express their own personality with extreme customization. Each wheel is different; every detail is engineered with the utmost precision; every milling operation stems from a unique design project, like the singular way each one of us expresses who we are.

X Line Wheels

Urban-inspired design, quality and dynamic energy are key features of the Xline collection by OZ. A wide range of designs and applications engineered to adapt perfectly to all cars currently on the market.

MSW Wheels

The first brand distributed by OZ back in the early 80’s, has always been synonymous with quality, superior design and excellent value for money. MSW wheels are TUV certified and, thanks to the vast number of available applications and styles are the perfect answer in all seasons and climates.

Sparco Wheels

Since the range of wheels is so large, why not give us a call or drop in to discuss your specific needs. We will happily show you the range of OZ and Sparco wheels and suggest the best wheels suited to your vehicle.

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