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Common Tyre Problems

Tyre Problems and Wear Characteristics

Check your tyres regularly

Flat spots or areas of wear can appear very quickly. Be sure to check the tread and sidewall for signs of any irregular wear or damage.

Tyre problems can occur and become unsafe owing to many possible reasons.

This is usually due to damage or mechanical problems rather than manufacturing faults. Typical causes include brake, suspension or alignment problems or even poor tyre or wheel balance. Of course there is also the inevitable pothole or kerb damage.

What are common problems with Tyres?

  • Tyres wearing on the inside
  • Excessive tyre wear
  • Tyres wearing too quickly
  • Tyres wearing on the outside
  • Pulling to one side
  • Causes of tramlining?
  • Damage to suspension & wheels from potholes?
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