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Sports Exhausts

Sports performance comes with the territory when we speak of high quality tyres and accessories. Here at Blackboots we have a long history of selecting packages that will offer improved performance and handling for your vehicle. From high performance brakes to a hi-tech sports exhaust systems with everything in between. Our performance exhausts are fabricated in the UK by the leading specialists and our technicians will match them to your car to ensure you have the best performance and most enjoyable driving experience.

Efficiency Gains

A performance exhaust system can offer effective improvements in terms of engine power, which results in better speed and efficiency;

Specifically designed sports exhausts can enhance of the power in your engine by improving gas flow. When the exhaust flows better, gases exit the combustion chamber more smoothly, allowing the fuel mixture to be burned more efficiently to create more power.

Performance Exhaust Systems

All of our performance exhaust systems are manufactured from T304L stainless-steel; giving you the satisfaction of knowing that our products are meant to last within some of the toughest environments. T304L is a highly durable form of stainless-steel that is far less susceptible to degradation and discolouration than many others of its kind, while it will last almost indefinitely.

Your Performance Exhaust System

Your vehicle is special and we understand that. We have the same passion for vehicles, speed and power that you enjoy. We therefore understand that you want the very best for your car or van. At Blackboots we are not only specialists, we are enthusiasts and just a little fanatic about performance.

Our specialist will be happy to talk you through the options, guide you around the problems and pitfalls and propose a system that will offer great performance for your specific model. We will offer a system that will tick all of your boxes whether it be a real power boost, better efficiency or simply a great throaty sound.

We can offer performance upgrade packages including exhaust, brakes and suspension tailored to your budget and specification. Drop in and speak to a specialist and look through some of the options for your vehicle. You might be surprised at what’s available quickly and inexpensivley.

Take a Look at Our Range of Upgrade Packages

We also offer Performance Exhausts, Brakes, Suspension & Racing Wheels.

Enhance the performance of your car, van, motorhome or tractor! Make it faster, handle better, improve your stopping power and braking efficiency, more economical or more stylish.

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