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Alloy Wheel Refurb & Repair

Specialist alloy wheel repair service for the repair of cracked, bent, buckled and broken alloy wheels.

Our workshop has a wheel straightening machine which can press out and fully restore a damaged alloy wheel.

Occasionally, alloy wheels can crack. If this happens, we ensure you are informed, and we can also arrange for the cracked alloy wheel to be welded.

You can be assured that your alloy wheels will be repaired to Zurich insurance approved welding standards by fully qualified technicians. Alternatively we can cut out the cracked section and weld in a new piece.

Did you know the cost of alloy wheel repair works out much cheaper than buying a new wheel?

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Can I get my alloys painted?

Painting and Refurbishment for Alloy Wheels

Damage to alloys is unfortunately part of a driver’s daily battle. One of the most common incidents is to scuff or kerb alloy wheels. Scuffed wheels look shabby and can seriously reduce the value of your car. Our alloy wheel repair service will return your alloys to great condition, improving both your vehicle’s appearance and its resale value. The good news is that your wheels can be completely re-finished or just re-painted

Badly chipped alloy wheels come up looking new, while badly corroded alloy wheels can be given a new lease of life after being skimmed on our diamond cutting machine.

Fancy a new look for your car? – Change the colour of your wheels and add new life to your car or van, we offer powder coating and painting with our exclusive colour options.

Learn more about alloy wheel repairs or refurbishment

If you have a damaged wheel and would like to know more about alloy wheel repairs or refurbishment, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process and tell you about all the options for alloy wheel repairs, refurbishing and refinishing.

Please remember that if you have had damage to your wheels it is likely that your wheel alignment or steering geometry has also been affected. Book an appointment to have your geometry checked particularly when buying new tyres.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishments

Wheel Repairs

Wheel repairs include alloy refurbishment, resurfacing and repainting but we can also offer repairs to dents, cracks and even more significant damage such as buckles and cracks.

Your wheels are a big part of the overall appearance of your vehicle and can completely change the look or potential value. Replacing wheels is very costly and is often not an option. However, repair, re-painting or re-surfacing can be really effective and doesn’t cost the earth.

Repairing Damaged or Cracked wheels

Repairing bent or crack alloy wheels is a specialist job but the finished result is as new and comes with insurance approved technology. We can take your kerbed, pothole damaged or cracked wheels and have them back to new looking at a fraction of the costs of a replacement.

Repainting Wheels

Wheel repairs include alloy refurbishment, resurfacing and repainting but we can also offer repairs to dents, cracks and even more significant damage such as buckles and cracks.

Even if you wheels are not damaged, a new paint job can transform the look of you car and take years off the perceived age. Repainting or resurfacing wheels can give your car a showroom new look and return them to sparkling condition again.

Dented alloy wheels can be repaired.

Distorted wheels can be straightened

Straightnening alloy wheels

The cracked section of the alloy wheel, cut out

The welded section in place

The alloy wheel, showing repair finishing

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